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Wave swimming pool machine

Brand : Jiananmeidi

Product origin : Guangdong,China

Delivery time : 15 Days

Supply capacity : 300 sets/year


Wave swimming pool machine

Material: PVC

Size: Customized

Color: Customized

Type: Amusement Equipment

Usage: Water park, outdoor playground, park, mall and so on

Packing Detail: Cotton inside, wrapped with ppfilm

Quality: Anti-UV, water-proof, hard and smooth surface etc

Product Features:
  • Pneumatic waves, also known as wind-induced waves, blast waves, by the centrifugal blower, air compressors and special piping systems and control systems and other components of the artificial wave unit, under the PLC  intelligent control, Wave height, wave interval, waveform, etc. for automatic or manual control, and even remote control can also be used. Wave height can reach 0.3 ~ 1.5m meters and can show more than 10 kinds of waves, intelligent transformation, combined with artificial beach, in the joy of the water world, the city, feel the sand, the sun, the waves comfortable. Pneumatic wave advantage lies in the area design flexibility, intelligent operation, easy management, low noise, good continuity of the waves and so on.

  • The size of the wave pool area varies, depending on customer needs and site conditions, ranging from a few hundred square meters, up to tens of thousands of square meters have, is one of the water park essential facilities, but also the most beautiful water park Popular play item.

  1. Intelligent, wave machine can be achieved without automatic control, but also for artificial control waves.

  2. Environmental protection, equipment, no oil pollution, the noise is relatively small.

  3. Wave effect, good continuity, wave height between 0.3 ~ 1.5m.

  4. You can design a variety of waves and intelligent switching.

  5. Technology is mature, equipment operation is stable, high-security performance. PLC intelligent control, energy saving.

Parameters of wave pool equipment for Reference

 No.             Pool Size(sq.m)     Capacity (person)   Equipment Quantity(set)
 1               400-600             70-90                      1
 2              800-1200           120-180                       2
 3            1500-1800           230-270                       3
 4            2000-2400           300-360                       4
 5            2600-3000           390-450                       5

Guangdong Jiananmeidi Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the largest comprehensive amusement equipment manufactures in China, operating as a subsidiary of Beijing Tongxinle Toy Limited. It is incorporated in Guangqing Industrial Park, Shijiao Town, Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, where it has established a factory with a land area of about 20,000 squaremeters, consisting of a separate office building and modern R&D and production workshops. As an integrated manufacture of large amusement equipment with product R&D, production, marketing, engineering and project planning capacity, the company focuses on providing professional one-stop services, covering the planning, design, engineering, construction, management and operation of water park, electric equipment, outdoor sports facilities, landscape and amusement equipment projects.



Key Products: water slides, water park, splashing products, bumper cars, bungee jumping equipment, trampoline, indoor playground, carousel, sky wheels (Ferris wheels), disco turntables, pirate ships, giant strides for children, naughty forts, children's park, wooden equipment series, outdoor training, integrated slides, children's amusement equipment and landscape products, for kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, communities and other applications. As an export-oriented company, it sells products across the world, and is well received and trusted by customers.



1. What is your main market ?
Our fiberglass water park slides main market is Europe , Russia , America , Africa , Middle East and Asia .

2. Can i get your catalog ?
Yes , sure , please contact with us , we will send our newest water park slides catalog to you .

3. Can you make the design ?
We have our own professional design team, so of course it's no problem to make the design for you! But before proceed, please kindly let us have your target price and the style and theme you expect. 


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